Easy Way to Recover Lost Files from Unbootable PC

Assume that you are working on a project in the System which is very important for you. You have completed almost 80% of that project and now you are just indexing the pages that are included in your project. While doing so if your system hard disk turns blue and become unbootable then how will you feel? Do you know how to overcome such instances? If you have back up of all files then after installing the operating system you can immediately recover it but if you fail to keep backup then need not get tensed for losing your important data from the computer instead just download and use File Recovery Software in your system. This application provides an easy solution for query like how to recover files from unbootable PC ? This tool is made by group of experts and a user friendly graphical user interface of this tool provides you a best platform to do data recovery task easily from unbootable computer. Trial version of this tool is available in our official website. You just visit there and use this tool with free of cost and further after satisfaction if you want full license key of File Recovery Software then purchase it with just few click of mouse.

Some common reasons behind the computer become unbootable:

  • Boot files corruption: Boot files provides basic input/output interface between the ROM BIOS and the Hardware. If boot files get corrupted due to any reasons then computer will become unbootable.
  • Antivirus scanning: Antivirus scans and removes the infected files from the hard drive of the system including some system related files, if some of the registry or system related files are missing after scanning process of Antivirus then your computer stops booting.
  • Fragmented hard drive: If you store big size files on the fragmented Windows HDD then there is chance that your computer will become unbootable.
  • Other scenarios: These are few common reasons behind the computer become unbootable. Apart from that installation of dual operating system in improper way, too many bad sectors in your PC, blue screen error etc are some other reasons of unbootable system.

If you are facing file lost issue just because of your computer become unbootable as mentioned in above scenarios. Then simply you just do one thing, Use our recovery product named as File Recovery Software. This tool provides you an easy way for recovering lost files from unbootable PC.

Features of File Recovery Software:

  • File Recovery software is one of the best applications designed and developed by our technical experts which provide you a simple user friendly interface to do lost files recovery task easily from unbootable computer.
  • It works in both platform of operating system either Windows based operating system or Mac OS X with great ease and supports all types of file system of Mac OS X and Windows based file system such as HFS+, HFSX, FAT16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS5, EXFAT, etc.
  • This tool is capable enough to retrieve boot related files which are erased from the recycle bin or shift delete operation in few moments.
  • You can recover data from several types of hard drives like IDE, PATA, SSD, SATA, SCSI and so on.
  • The smart scanning algorithm of this software easily scans your entire hard drive and restores files from unbootable PC.

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