How to recover deleted images on Kingston memory card

Memory cards and memory sticks are certainly one almost similar within the physical appearance. The 2 will be the storage devices which are utilized on digital cameras, camcorders, smart phones and mobile devices to keep data. The storage devices can store large amount of data like images, text files, files, audio tracks, etc. The cameras store it’s data on these memory sticks which will be attached to it and easily removed at the appropriate interval.

Various memory brands in modern are Kingston, SanDisk, Transcend, HP, Sony, Samsung, Lexar, etc. The many data which you store in memory cards might be lost during several situations. Your data loss from storage devices usually happen due to file corruption or accidental deletion. Assume that you employ Micro SD card in your camera to store all the captured data. You regarded transferring those data using this micro SD card to Kingston memory card so it can have to your friend. So you connected the credit card about the system and commenced the file transfer. But during the transfer of photos, your system suddenly froze due to power surge. Then you remarked that your entire photos on the card had become corrupt and thus it isn’t opening on any device. In such case you can actually return the lost photos using thumb drive photo recovery software that perfectly restores all the lost data from memory cards and memory sticks. The various other reasons that lead to loss of data from memory cards are:

  • Accidental formatting – Formatting any device may cause your data to get erased from the device. Because it is a process that erases all data and checks for the read and write accessibility of the memory card. Hence it deletes the pointer worth of every one of the files thereby the info becomes invisible.
  • Overwriting the formatted drive – After formatting any memory device the information just isn’t permanently lost. It is made inaccessible. If the formatted sd card is overwritten with new data then your lost data cannot be recovered as it is permanently lost.
  • Mounting sd card – While mounting the sd card on camera to capture pictures, whether it is wrongly inserted, then your captured pictures would sometimes becomes corrupt.
  • File transfer – Once you connect the charge card for your system to transfer any files when the interface between your both is just not proper then your transferred file would get corrupt.

The info loss could be as a result of any situation, the application can recover the lost or corrupt data within simple steps. The software supports to recover pictures from Kingston memory card and many types of other cards like SD cards, CF cards, USB drives, etc. The program performs top quality scanning through which every one of the lost or deleted or invisible information can be recovered.

Listed here are the functions with the software,

  • Completely retrieves the all media file like lost photos, videos, etc from formatted memory Sticks and also other storage drives.
  • Accidentally deleted files like photos can be effectively restored back.
  • Absolute recovery of lost files as a result of abrupt connectivity.
  • Proficiently retrieves digital media formats of flash memory cards, memory sticks, SD cards, etc.
  • Recovers all types of media files like JPG, PNG, GIFF, MP3, JPEG, TIF, BMP, MP4, WAV, MPEG, MPG, AVI and MOV.

The application can be employed to extract data from all of several types of memory devices easily. You possibly can make a trial to test for that data recovery. And then you can get the total software. The software program is supported on various Windows and Mac os. To offer a shot to the software click this link that downloads the software program.


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