How to recover partition on Mac

A partition is a logical unit of computer’s hard drive so that each partition can be utilized with its own operating system and application. The number of partitions in a computer depends on the size of a hard drive. Similar to Windows operating system, Mac OS also has the logical drives known as volumes. The volumes present in the Mac system are like HFS+ and HFS partitions. But due to several reasons these partitions can be deleted or corrupted and causes the huge amount of data loss. Then to recover partition on Mac you need to get the assistance of some third party software.

Most of the time partitions on Mac get corrupted, deleted or lost due to the hard drive crash, virus attack, software corruption, unexpected system shutdown, file system damage, power surge, etc. Due to the corruption of Mac partition, the data stored on them becomes inaccessible and creates a lot of problems to the user who depend on those data.

When you come across such problems or the partition is corrupted where the huge amount of data is stored, how do you restore the lost data on your hard drive? Is it possible to recover HFS or HFS+ partitions? Yes, the data from the lost partition can be recovered, given that the data is not overwritten by creating a new partition. It is possible to restore deleted partition only by making use of third party tool.

There are many recovery tools available on the internet, which are designed especially to recover Mac partition or volume. These tools are developed in such a way that the users itself use this tool to recover partitions at home. This software is having user-friendly interface i.e. each and every step in the recovery process are easily understood by the user and hence there is no need to get the assistance from the computer experts.

Consider a scenario where you can lose data from your Mac volume. You may want to configure dual boot i.e. Windows XP and Snow Leopard on the same Mac hard drive and for that, you might be formatted a volume from your Mac computer. You may come to know that the Snow Leopard is utilizing less space after the formatting process is completed. Then in order to make available more space for the Mac volume, you might have deleted the Windows partition and then Mac partition is resized using disk utility. After resizing Mac volume and restarting your system, you might be surprised due to the error like “Invalid Partition Table”.

The above error clearly indicates that the Mac volume is corrupted or deleted while resizing the partition. In this case, if you have taken the backup of important data, then you are lucky. If you don’t have a backup then what can you do? Don’t worry; still, it is possible to recover Mac volume data using Mac partition recovery software.

Mac partition recovery software is designed for recovering data from inaccessible or corrupted volumes. To recover files, it scans the corrupted volume effectively using inbuilt scanning algorithm and restores all data within a matter of minutes. It is capable to recover all types of files from the Mac partition such as photos, video files, songs, text file, etc. Once you completed the recovery steps, finally you can view the recovered files using “Data View” or “File Type View” option provided in the software. With the help of these options, you can check the recovered data before storing them in any storage media. You can also download a trial version of this software and use that check the probability of Mac partition recovery.

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