Is There Any Way to Recover SanDisk Flash Card?

imagesFlash cards is a set of data stored in the form of words or numbers on either or both the sides. It is specially designed for digital cameras but now a days most of the other electronic gadgets (including mobile phones, iPods, camcorders, laptops, music players, etc.) use flash card to store crucial files and folders. In comparison with other storage drives, flash card provides better performance in access of files. This flash card allows user to store bulk of information such as images, Word documents, music files, video files, Adobe files, and so on.  Along SanDisk there are many various popular brands available in the market like Transcend, Kingston, Sony, Lexar, Samsung, PNY, etc.

Generally, while using SanDisk flash card many of us may notice that the photos stored in memory card becomes unreadable due to corruption of flash card. In such severe situation most the users look for reliable software to get back lost or deleted data from SanDisk flash card. Don’t worry here is the solution to recover corrupted SanDisk flash card just make use of Recover Flash Card application in your system.

There are plenty of flash card corruption issues as follows below:

  • If you mistakenly delete some pictures from SanDisk flash card by associating it to your system/laptop then you might unable to get back manually. Because deleted data from any flash drive or memory card will bypass Recycle Bin, Trash Folder on Windows and Mac system respectively. Hence, if you accidently delete precious images and other media files then it will be lost completely from SanDisk card.
  • Sometimes, if there is any sort of intervals (such as abrupt system shutdown, sudden ejection of flash card, power failure, etc.,) while transferring or sharing some important media files from SanDisk memory to other data gadgets this leads in loss or deletion of data from the card.
  • Assume, if the file header is corrupted or damaged because of unknown scenarios such as dangerous virus infection then this results in loss of image files and other data saved on SanDisk flash card.
  • Use of unauthorized/untrusted third party software to scan virus infected files this utility may delete few media files from SanDisk flash memory card without indicating any notifications.

There are certain other issues that are responsible for data loss are file system corruption, sudden power surge can leads to damage of card, presence of bad sector, virus attack, removal of flash card, operating system crash, and so on.

Advantages of SanDisk flash card recovery:

This recovery application has brilliant scanning mechanism that provides to retrieve all the deleted or lost data from SanDisk flash card. Depending up on unique signature of the images or other data you can mention the particular file type that needs to be recovered. Recover Flash Card utility allows you to recover SanDisk flash card from MAC OS X and Windows OS versions including Leopard, Windows XP, Snow leopard, Windows 10, Lion, Windows Vista, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Windows 7, and Yosemite. You can save or pause the recovering process by utilizing “Save Recovery Session” option to reduce rescanning of card.

With the assistance of this application even new users can also restore all lost files easily without affecting the source files. Users can communicate with technical team if they find any issue while recovering lost files from SanDisk flash cards. Recovered files can be sort on the basis of “File View Type” and “Data View Type”. This SanDisk flash card recovery utility undelete  the raw file formats such as CR2, CRW, SR2, ARW, NEF, X3F, and many more.


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