Simplest way to restore data from storage device

In this digital world, technology has become so advanced that the people are used to store their precious memories in variety of data storage devices. Based on the requirement, there are many storage devices like laptop, computer, external hard drive, video game consoles, pen drives, Digital camera, memory cards etc. developed by various companies.

People purchase these devices in accordance with their requirement as they are designed and marketed with different sizes, weight, storage capacities. The data stored on these devices includes different media files like pictures, movies, videos, audio files etc. Besides media files you can even store your valuable documents related to your office, education etc.

The digital products are integrated in such a way that they are work with both Windows and Mac OS. Losing important data from these drives is now a common issue for the regular users due to some unknown reasons for example virus infection, electrostatic power outages, unknowingly formatting wrong partition etc. The cause of losing data may differ but the ultimate outcome is same i.e. data loss.

Suppose you have a storage device with 4GB data containing music files of your favorite singer. In order to update the songs on your PC, you connected the device through USB port. But unknowingly you unplugged the storage device without using safely remove hardware option. Later when you reconnected the device to your system you were pleased to see all your data but when you tried opening the file you were unable to access the file since the files were corrupted. This could be one of the most upsetting moments because the music files were collected from very long time.

In case you are thinking that you lost all your wonderful memories then this is not true. It is simple to recover data by using good recovery software which is now made available in the market at reasonable prices. One such powerful recovery tool is data recovery tool which supports data recovery from variety of removable data storage devices.

However, it is very much essential for you to know about some more data loss scenarios which you might experience in your future.

Common data loss scenarios:

  • Accidental deletion of data by simple clicking “Delete All” option while deleting some of the unwanted pictures in the digital camera might result in loss of precious photos from the camera.
  • Files bypass the Trash can if the file size is larger in comparison with free disk space and therefore the files become unreadable for the user. Hence this may cause data loss from the Mac OS.
  • Errors generated while installing multiple OS in the different partitions of the hard drive can also corrupt the partitions resulting loss of data from those specific partitions.
  • Accidentally formatting a volume or drive instead of formatting any other drive may cause data loss.
  • Files may also get deleted by making use of Shift+delete keys in Windows based computer or by using Command+Delete option in Mac operating system.
  • Interruption during re-partitioning of hard disk can corrupt entire hard drive ultimately causing loss of data.
  • Errors encountered while converting a file system from HFS to HFS+ on Mac OS X.

There is a possibility to overcome loss of data from different data storage devices by following few precautionary steps like: Eject your storage device by making use of proper exit option, you should always take regular backup of your significant files and folders, Always use reliable UPS to prevent improper system termination.

In the event if still you face loss of data then don’t worry, you can try partition recovery software which helps you to restore HFS partition Mac.

This recovery software is used to retrieve data deleted or lost from Windows OS as well as from Mac OS. This utility can be used to recover data from formatted or reformatted USB hard drives, iPod devices, re-partitioned hard drives etc. This tool can perform data recovery from hard disk drives having bad sectors on Windows 7, XP and Vista by creating disk images. This software makes sure that your deleted or lost data is safe as it only performs read operation to the deleted or lost data during recovery process. It can also be used to restore data from HFS formatted partitions and also other file systems like NTFS, FAT16, HFSX, FAT32 etc.

Simple steps to restore deleted or lost data by making use of data recovery tool by few clicks of your mouse.

Try the demo version of the data recovery tool and install it on the hard disk of your system. Run the tool and select appropriate recovery options which you face while using the software. Once your recovery process is finished you can evaluate the performance and in case if it meets your requirement you can buy the full version of the software available online.




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